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Our Technologies

Renewable technologies focussed

We provide technologies for almost any renewable energy application.

How? By using our vast experience combined with our broad capabilities; whilst constantly keeping at the forefront of evolving trends. However, we haven’t forgotten where we came from and we still enjoy the challenge of a traditional energy application, particularly when integrating into a hybrid scenario.

For selected renewable technologies we offer a variety of financial models, from outright purchasing through to retail-based Power Purchase Agreements (PPA).

Contact us today to discuss your requirements further.

Battery Energy Storage Systems

Battery storage solutions for community-scale residential developments through to energy utility generators (providers and retailers), mine sites and remote communities.

BT Energy Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) Technologies at East Village Knutsford Fremantle for Power Ledger and Landcorp

Commercial Solar

Roof-mounted Solar PV for industrial warehouses, shopping centres, office buildings, shire & council assets, residential strata & body-corporate communities, apartment buildings

Commercial Solar PV Technology

Solar Farms

Ground-mount solar farm solutions ranging small council and government-owned land assets, through to farmland, remote communities, mine sites and large utility power generation.

BT Energy Solar Farm Technologies

Community Connected Embedded Networks

These ‘behind the master metre’ community-scale micro-grid solutions generate energy from Solar PV and store excess into battery storage. As a result there is a reduced reliance on the utility grid.

Connected Community Embedded Energy Network Technologies featuring Roof Top Solar and Battery Energy Storage System

Hybrid Microgrids

Grid-connected Hybrid Power solutions or Stand Alone Power Systems (SAPS) for alternative energy; combining renewable and/or traditional power generation.

BT Energy Hybrid Microgrids Technologies

Solar PV Sky Weather Camera Forecasting

Sky weather camera forecasting for Solar PV smoothing, grid stability and export.

BT Energy Solar PV Sky Weather Camera

HV & MV Infrastructure

From switch gear to switch rooms, to Data Controls Systems (DCS) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), to complex electrical connections; we have High Voltage and Medium Voltage technologies covered.

BT Energy High Voltage (HV) Medium Voltage (MV) Infrastructure Technologies

Gas Turbines

Gas turbine power solutions catering for a range of industries including energy utilities, infrastructure, mining, agriculture and more.

Gas Turbine Technology

Gas/Diesel Packages

Combining gas turbine power solutions with Diesel generation for a range of industries including energy utilities, infrastructure, mining, agriculture and more.

Gas Turbine and Diesel Fuel Package Technology

Keen to see real-life examples? Visit our project history page to find out more about the solutions we have provided.

Latest News & Trends

Wanting to keep up with the latest trends and information shaping the renewables industry in Australia? We suggest visiting the Clean Energy Council and Smart Energy Council, of which BT Energy are proud industry members. Why not also follow our social media feeds below where from time-to-time we provide case studies and industry updates.