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Project Recovery Strategies

INVARIABLY THINGS go wrong on projects. The cause may be an incorrect pricing structure, a misguided execution strategy or a failure to recognise the complexity of the completions phase. Any one of which will create an environment of stress and difficulty, which, if not addressed, will ultimately lead to project failure.

Sometimes all it takes is a fresh set of experienced eyes to carry out a quick analysis of the current situation. This quick analysis can be the turning point you are looking for and the situation begins to improve. Alternatively it may lead to a much more detailed analysis that will determine the best course of action going forward. In any event the situation will not improve without intervention.

After over 200 years, collectively, in the industry our team has the required experience to spot the cause of the problem and provide options for recovery.

These services include the following

  • Contracting structures
  • Project team capability
  • Resource mapping
  • Analysis of costing model
  • Schedules analysis
  • Resource productivity review
  • Commercial recovery modelling
  • Cost to complete preparation and review

Once the root cause of the problem is established, a strategy can be developed to initiate the recovery process. BT Energy has the personnel available to work within the project teams to ensure the recovery plan is enacted effectively and efficiently.