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Project Execution Services

INVARIABLY CUSTOMERS are faced with a number of challenges from schedule, logistics, budget and technology through to geographical location and the environment. A clear and definitive structure and plan needs to be in place to ensure the project achieves its goals.

BT Energy has a wealth and depth of experience in a variety of project execution models, be it EPC, EPCM, or directly managed by the owner under a structured contract/sub contract arrangement. BT Energy will assist in identifying a suitable execution strategy as well as providing capable resources to work within the customers project teams.

In the initial definition phase of the project our teams will review and optimise the elements that have the propensity to cause difficulties and hence impact on the project risk profile.

  • Technology selection
  • Capital cost expectations
  • Schedule achievement
  • Execution strategy
  • Completions strategy
  • Personnel engagement and retention

We essentially front end load the definition phase to maximise the value of the investment and minimise the risk all before a project is fully sanctioned. This will ensure that the information our customers are using to make an informed decision is robust and auditable.

We will utilise:

  • Technical services personnel to review the technical integrity of the process
  • Project execution systems and resources to build an effective project control models and systems
  • Process engineering professionals to analyse and where applicable simplify the process to maximise value
  • Commercial teams to review and structure an appropriate and effective contract execution strategy “best fit”
  • Experienced project management professionals to implement value engineering reviews and ensure a diligent constructibility analysis is implemented to minimise risk
  • Systems to benchmark the proposed capital cost and schedule to provide realistic estimates of both cost and schedule

Once we have completed and agreed the definition phase with the customer we rapidly move to the execution phase where we provide support to our customers, extending from detailed engineering through to full engineering, procurement and construction/management (EPC/EPCM) via our professional consultancy services.

Our experience enables us to:

  • Quickly establish experienced project teams, who are aligned with the project strategies and objectives
  • Timely integrate the project engineering delivery obligations with our strategic partners
  • Develop and implement project specific health, safety and environmental strategies
  • Develop and implement project specific commercial models that ensure change management is controlled
  • Develop comprehensive project reporting structures to monitor and manage cost, schedule, productivity levels, resource loading, logistics and HR/IR to ensure project status is always transparent

One of the most significant and often overlooked parts of any project, that has the potential to deliver the greatest impact, either negative or positive, is the project completion strategy. This invariably becomes something that many owners rely on construction contractors or technology providers to drive.

Unfortunately the mindset of the these groups, at this late stage in the project, especially if they are up against cost and schedule, may not be aligned with the best interest of the owner.

In our experience this critical element of the project is best managed and controlled by the owner. This will ensure that each and every completions procedure is identified, monitored and managed to closure, greatly reducing the short and long term risk profile of the asset.

Under our delivery model we essentially become an integral part of the construction teams in an observatory and advising role during the latter stages of construction (up to the point of mechanical completion). We then gradually, system by system, take over responsibility of the plant and take it through the completions process covering:

  • Cold commissioning
  • Hot commissioning
  • Reliability testing
  • Performance testing
  • Environmental compliance
  • Handover documentation verification

This includes a full suite of services including:

  • Completions strategy and protocol
  • Completions documentation
  • Permit to work systems
  • Resources, specialist and blue collar
  • Management of OEM field engineers
  • Provision of all test equipment
  • Management of third party certification providers, (i.e. gas compliance)
  • Hand over documentation review and sign off

At BT Energy we draw on proven resources, tools, procedures and systems to tailor fit solutions to each and every project. These are then carefully managed and guided by our experienced executive management team, augmented by our strategic partners worldwide.