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Project Development

HISTORY SHOWS that decisions made at the initial concept stage of a project, when there is limited information available, have the greatest impact on the business outcome. It is therefore essential that a suitable experienced team of people are assembled to make informed decisions.

BT Energy’s in house team will work with our customers through the project development phase, be it either as an equity participant or a service provider. We have the necessary skills to ensure the correct solution is matched with each and every application.

This capability ranges from complete turnkey solutions utilising new technology, to recovery, revitalisation and reinvestment of retired assets from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world.

Capabilities cover:

  • Feasibility and studies
  • Front end design studies
  • Financial modelling
  • Equipment profiling
  • Contracting strategies
  • Commercial modelling
  • Life cycle maintenance
  • Turnkey budget analysis.