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Operation & Maintenance Service

OPERATIONS AND MAINTENANCE SERVICES can be defined as those activities related to the performance of routine, preventive, predictive, scheduled, and unscheduled actions aimed at preventing equipment failure or decline with the goal of increasing efficiency, reliability, and safety.

BT Energy can provide all the above in a comprehensive operation and maintenance service that will ensure your facility achieves it’s guaranteed performance. The BT Energy team will improve process efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and energy consumption, as well as dramatically extending equipment life.

This is achievable by developing;

  • Comprehensive Effective Asset Management
  • Managements Systems Plan / Maintenance Plan
  • Detailed Report Structures
  • Operational Procedures
  • Continuous Improvement Ethos

Personnel multi- skilled in all types of generation allow BT Energy to offer these services to all aspects of the energy industry. Technologies and procedures are constantly updated to assist in the drive to increase availability, efficiency, effectiveness and reduce costs.

Reliability Centred Maintenance Techniques (RCM) are one of the current methods of maintenance management. This technique involves identifying actions that, when taken, will reduce the probability of failure in the most cost effective way.

RCM is adopted by BT Energy and used in conjunction with close working relationships or formal alliances with our clients – an alliance which will be enhanced by sharing available systems, resources and technologies.